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Of all the recent conflicts which left a deep imprint on modern warfare and dimensions of modern strategy, Nagorno-Karabakh conflict 2020 between Azerbaijan and Armenia stands at the top. Strategic circles are not only discussing Azerbaijan’s victory in the conflict but are also looking at how this conflict has set new precedents in modern warfare.

In only 40 days, Azerbaijan got what it had been battling for on the forsaken, sun-dried slopes for right around 30 years.

A hurriedly marked arrangement between the oil-rich Caspian country Azerbaijan and its helpless neighbor and long-lasting foe, Armenia, put a sudden finish to a six-week-long clash over Nagorno-Karabakh, a bumpy area overwhelmed by ethnic Armenians since the mid 1990s.

As per the Russia-brokered cease-fire, Armenian troops pulled out from the region they actually controlled inside Azerbaijani regions around Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan will keep all the territories it recovered since the contention erupted on September 27, including Shusha, the area’s second-biggest city, referred to Armenians as Shushi. Russian peacekeepers will monitor a course connecting Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.

All the more significantly – and humiliatingly for Armenia – Yerevan consented to give Baku the corridor connecting southern Armenia to Azerbaijan’s southwestern exclave of Nakhichevan. As euphoric groups all through Azerbaijan praise the “capitulation”, as portrayed by the Azeri chief, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s administration is driven into the political chasm it might never move out of.

Current Situation

Officers have raised the Azerbaijani banner in the last area surrendered by Armenia under a harmony bargain that finished a long time of battling about the contested Nagorno-Karabakh locale.

A caravan of Azerbaijani military trucks entered the Lachin corridor, assuming control in the course of the remainder of three locales around Karabakh surrendered by Armenia under the Russian-handled arrangement. Azerbaijani armed force has entered Kalbajar, locale returned by Armenia.

Azeri soldiers were seen raising the Azerbaijani banner over a regulatory structure in the town of Lachin. Armenia consented to hand over the three locale – Agdam, Lachin and Kalbajar – as a feature of the November bargain that halted a contention that had erupted between the two nations toward the finish of September.

Drones: The Game-Changers in Modern Warfare

Lately, the Turkish UAV industry has gotten one of the most developed in the world and Ankara is carefully utilizing this cutting-edge innovation for accomplishing its international objectives. The establishment for the advancement of the UAV business in Turkey occurred in participation with Israel, yet Ankara managed to prevail in an ideal method to make its own indigenous robots, everything being equal. Turkish drones would now be able to be found in Ukraine, Qatar, Libya (GNA) and Azerbaijan. Pakistan is reported to have conducted trials of the Turkish drones and is going to buy some in order to gain technological edge over its adversary India, particularly in Kashmir.

Turkey superbly utilized them in Idlib Syria and Libya and it appears to have figured out how to coordinate them within the framework of its modern warfare strategy. No one would gripe in Turkey if few drones are shot down in Syria, Libya or now in the South Caucasus, however the factor of esteem and projection of prestige is evident. In Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkey backed Azerbaijan and lately military participation between the two states has increased.

Drones are a phenomenal instrument in accomplishing national objectives during wartime. Azeri drones are as of now arriving at regions of Armenia not just Karabakh. Azerbaijan even chose to make from the old Antonov An-2T Surveillance and Kamikaze drones which are constraining the foe by uncovering its protective positions. Turkey gladly projects the reports from Azerbaijan on how its drones are pulverizing the position and materiel of Armenia.

Just now are the Western forces ready to perceive the size of the innovative may of Turkey and they are attempting to force extraordinary enemy of Turkish measures to forestall further advancement. Israel is as of now considering an end to its weapons deals to Azerbaijan and taking a more forceful position towards Ankara. Canada has chosen to suspend drone military technology to Turkey. Ankara responded by saying that this is a “double-standard” policy.

The eventual fate of the utilization of drones in this war relied totally on the achievement of the Armenian Army in figuring out how to counter the battle drones and kamikaze-drones. Besides, drones turned the tide in Azerbaijan’s favour against Armenia by providing vital information and targeting with precision. Turkish experts, evaluating emphatically the current drone war, guarantee that this drone battle is on its way to the “dronization of war”. They claim that they have built up a progressive military strategy. This idea is completely fitting against the Russian and Soviet kinds of weaponry. The dronization is unavoidable and the Turkish military is headed toward this path.

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