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Regional Geopolitical Context at the Moment

The Americans had made a grim mistake at the start of this century- the invasion of Afghanistan. Seemingly, they have been striving to destabilize the geopolitics of South Asia. Despite using coercive ways they have now come to the point: Afghanistan is the Bermuda triangle of the East. The great convergence is taking place. After both sides had shaken hands on Peace talks, the United States has withdrawn its troops from beleaguered Afghanistan. Although, Peaceful Afghanistan would be a blessing in disguise for significant regional bodies. The international community has been widely anticipating the return of insurgent Italianization in Afghanistan. This development would be apparently very critical and dangerous and would haunt the Indian policymakers. It might derail the Indian government to achieve particular endeavours.

Kingship knows no kinship: The pauper British Empire came to Sub-continent to make money, Gold, clothes, goods. Undoubtedly, they have been pillaging the basic needs of human instinct. Coaxing the indigenous population to work for them with less ransom, they manage to make them their slaves. Moreover, the sun never set on the British Empire because even God could not trust the British in the Dark; it is a pertinent saying. The White men had been manifesting their downtrodden and insolent behavior raping and murdering innocent people. The biggest crime in human history is the black meat trade after the appearance of the white devil into Africa and murdered and kidnapped to bring to the West in chains, in slave ships, plenty of black men, kith and kin, who had been beaten to the death and tortured as slaves. Sadly, these black people had gone through a lot of oppression, downtrodden, while white man cut these black people off from all acquaintances of their own kind, and entirely cut them off from any knowledge of their own language, faith, and erstwhile culture. The Britishers not only being oppressive toward Africans; they were also arrogant toward yellow Asians, espeicllay Chinese. A reckless white man lured the Chinese on opium to destroy them physically or mentally as well.

The road to Peace in Kashmir goes through Afghanistan:

The pawn in the game is in the hand of Pakistan: after the debacle, the United States of America is inclining towards Pakistan- Biden’s government has been interested and expected some optimistic outcome from the Pakistani side. The United States needed airbases to target the forthcoming untoward activities of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

However, the ongoing geopolitical uncertainty in the region has set alarm bells in New Delhi, as a stable Afghanistan could be crucial to the security of the sub-continent. Although, Ashraf Ghani’s government had good relations with India. Pakistan influence over the Taliban remains the headache for Indians. Modi’s regime has been supporting Afghanistan economically and socially. Despite all this, the biggest worry of Indian is that instability in Afghanistan could spill over into Occupied Kashmir where it has been fighting for nearly three decades. In addition, Pakistan is expected to play a crucial role since it has had influence over the Taliban. Interestingly, the Taliban could be a nightmare for the Indian side.

The US is in no situation to provide any insurance to India. Sadly, the diligent coordination with the US policies in impoverished Afghanistan, India finds itself stranded. With active geostrategic involvement of regional rivals, Russia, China and Pakistan, in the coming future, India might not have any partner in South Asia. Over the past decades, Indian has opposed any parley with the Taliban, and has considered them a terror group. Thereby, The Indians would now spontaneously espouse the old wisdom: Run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. Consequently, the possibility of peace and liberty is now conspicuous. I suppose the oppression and inhuman activities of the BJP’s government in Kashmir will embolden the regional foes. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Kashmir: Where Human Interests Die For National Interests

The British had pursued a divide and rule policy in Sub-continent; after the great partition between Pakistan and India, many Princely states had accessed to India and Pakistan. Kashmir had been ruled by the Maharaja, Hari Singh. The Maharaja had no intention to join either side, despite a long, last-ditch struggle to force India and the British to recognize his independence, He knew that his state would be forcibly integrated into an independent India whenever the British departure. Louis Mountbatten, the commander-in-chief, had wanted him to take, making up his mind to join either Pakistan or India before the partition. After the Partition, on 24 August, Muhammad Ali Jinnah to his British military secretary. Exhausted by lingering negotiations, weakened by disease, Jinnah decided he relentlessly needed vacation. Jinnah had issued an order to his Military secretary to go to Kashmir and arrange a two week of resting and relaxing. Nonetheless, the Military secretary returned with an answer that merely stunned Jinnah. The Maharaja of Kashmir didn’t want him to set foot on his soil, not even as a tourist. The untoward reply from the Maharaja gave space to Pakistan to send agents to evaluate the situation and real intention of the Maharaja. After all, the report received by Jinnah had astonished him that Maharaja had no intention to join Pakistan: Jinnah could have never tolerated this.

Contrarily, in mid-September, the first Prime minister, Liaquat Ali Khan, summoned a clandestine meeting of a selected group. Unfortunately, the officers of Pakistan’s army and the civil servants were given access to the secret. The tribal Pashtun had played an important role in this scuffle, an entourage of tribal Pashtuns met in Peshawar and strived to arouse their emotions and lead them on the march to Srinagar. On the other hand, The Governor of the North-West Frontier province, Sir George Cunningham, and the man to whom he was telephoning from his office in Peshawar was Sir, Frank Messervy, the newly Commander-in-chief of Pakistan. He told him that a congregation of tribesmen are chanting Allah Hu Akbar something strange could happen. Apart from this, on 22 October, the tribesmen with arms began the invasion of Kashmir. The beleaguered Maharaja had not any other option than to cede to India. The tribesmen were only 35 km away from the Maharaja’s palace; which adequately perturbed him. However, The Indian army was not going to send troops to Kashmir until the Maharaja officially acceded. V.P Menon, a civil servant who had presided over princely states had come to Maharaja’s state. Shortly before midnight on 26th October, he signed the Act of Accession. It should be noted that; both counterparts were British, Maj, Gen, Douglas Gracey- Pakistani Chief-in-command and Lf Gen, Sir Rob Lockhart- Indian Chief-in-command, undoubtedly they were not only close friends but former comrades in the British Indian army. The Private army of tribesmen was not fully armed to engage in a fierce battle with the Indian Army. Even the Pakistani army was not ready for an adventure that could well lead to a fierce war with India.

Fast Forward to BJP’s Fascist Aggression in Kashmir

A bad workman always blames his tools: The Pulwama attack; the suicide attacker blew himself as he found himself near the Indian troops. It was a devastating attack- the worst carried out against the Indian soldiers. As a result, nearly 40 soldiers had succumbed, and many had been wounded. As always, India blamed Pakistan for fomenting such rebellious attacks against its troops. Such circumstance often emboldens India to spill poison against Pakistan on an international platform. Subsequently, Indians had been vehemently lauding their government to respond aggressively against the regional foe. Two nuclear-armed countries had come to the epitome of war indeed if war occurred between two counties nearly billions of people would suffer the aftermath. India does not have any other option than restoring the erstwhile status of Kashmir.

India on, August 5, 2019, unilaterally revoked the special status of the disputed territory, abrogated article 370 and 35-A, the law that granted special status to the region and split it into two union territories. Since then, the Kashmiri have been denied not only civil rights but even human rights. The BJP, Fascist government, have imposed an inhuman martial law depriving Kashmiris to have fundamental needs. They have been murdering, pillaging and looting innocent souls from top of the head to the feet. The international watchdogs have been sleeping although, could not even spill a single word in support of Kashmiris. India remains with its design to change the demographic structure of the occupied territory in clear violation of international law, including the 4th Geneva Convention. However, India has so far issued over 3.4 million fake domiciles to non-Kashmiris in a bid to change the demography of Kashmir. Indian is intended to marginalize the region because Kashmir is the quintessential demographic region among three regional power- China, India and Pakistan. The majority of Kashmiris are Muslims, Nevertheless, they are more inclined toward Pakistan, the ongoing scuffle between China and India might ruin the erstwhile demography. India’s unacceptable and inhumane violation of human rights in the occupied territory and lack of responsibility of the perpetrators have been extensively documented by several autonomous commissions, human rights organizations, global media and civil society; as well as the international community of peace.

On 26 February 2019, the Formation of IAF (Indian Air-force) carried out a covert operation in Azad Jammu Kashmir, shallow incursions into the PoK and launched a pre-emtive strike on the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terror camp at Jabba Top, claiming 300 terrorists had been killed in the strikes. The mission was not carried out merely to eradicate terrorist camps but also to project to chauvinistic Indian supporters of the BJP in return of political support. Simultaneously, The PAF carried out Operation swift retort; during the aerial engagement, the Indian side lost two fourth-generation aircraft and faced severe humiliation as one of their Pilots was detained by the Pakistani authorities. Later on, The Pakistan government released the Indian pilot as a gesture of Peace and Harmony. The international community had lauded such a harmonious and peaceful approach by the Pakistani side.


While defending national interests, we must also human interests. We do not want a war; we do not now expect a war; this generation has already had more than enough of conflict, hate and persecution. We shall be prepared if others wish it and we shall be alert to try to halt it. But we shall also do our path to build a world of peace where the weak are safe, and the strong are just; we are not helpless before that task or hopeless of its success- confident and unafraid. We must strive on not toward the strategy of annihilation but a policy of peace. The old wisdom says; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Despite the Indian deprived the armless Kashmiris of fundamental human rights, they have been murdering, raping, and pillaging innocent souls. The aggressive Kashmiri people have never accepted the Indian hegemony and yet, seemingly, they will never and shall never espouse the Indian hegemony over Kashmir. Pakistani government are crying on the shoulders of an international community of peace and stability, seemingly, they have been watching the melodramatic attitude of Indians without supporting the legitimate rights of the people of Kashmir. In addition, hemming and hawing; on the issue of Kashmir would be inevitable to war between two nuclear-arms holding nations. If the United States, with the most robust military machine in history, couldn’t overcome the war inside Afghanistan after 20 years, how would America do it from bases in our country. At all moments, if you cannot ride two horses at once you should get out of the circus.

About The Author
Sayed Huzaifa Nasir is a graduate of Bahria University, Islamabad. He has a penchant for writing son the contemporary status quo and international geopolitical scenarios. He can be reached on Medium.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the original author and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of Rationale-47.

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