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Those who have a heart in the chest would never forget this meek act of kindness and repentance: Willy Brandt, chancellor of Germany, sank to his knees at the Warsaw Ghetto in 1970 to repent to Polish Jews for the Holocaust. There were hardly any Jews left in Poland, and Brandt, who as a socialist was imprisoned by the Nazis, was thoroughly clean and innocent of the crimes for which he was repenting.

He was merely imploring the moral responsibility of the German people, whom he led as chancellor. I hope the American President Joe Biden would find the heart, and the spirit, to get on his knees and beg forgiveness from the beleaguered people of Afghanistan. I hope American hubris and egotistic people among his supporters in the country would never let him do such a humanistic act. 

The United States has siphoned off minerals of Afghanistan and it would not be wrong to call it mugger in this sense. It mugged every possible mineral and ransom and left Afghanistan into chaos, disruption and bewilderment. The colonialist United States has been striving to get a particular hegemonic grip over the entire globe; to get his wild fantasy, he has been fraudulently violating the universal charter of human rights. The colonialist regime has exploited and has always become an impediment to modify the Middle East and South Asian nations: ‘Us vs Them’ the very concept of racism has also been brutally applied by the same state. 

After the macabre 9/11 attacks, The then-government- under president George Bush in cahoots with her western allies-NATO, attacked impoverished Afghanistan. The Taliban regime was banished with severe coercion, In addition, a bloody battle occurred between US forces and the Taliban, plenty of innocent people lost their lives. Although, the invading troops perished more innocent civilians than the insurgent Taliban.

On the other hand, ‘War on terror’ is a new phrase that has been duped deliberately to the arena of politics. Lo and behold, It is no less than a wonder that the United States has come to Afghanistan to shun terrorism from her soil whether the US itself had supported terrorism in the precincts. After twenty years of a bloody war, the foreign occupation has concluded that there is no military solution in Afghanistan, by and large, on dialogue and peace talks would be the solution and it succeed. In particular, the mission for which the United States had come to Afghanistan- perishing Osama Bin Laden had been completed in 2011.

The 20 year long-stay has entirely disrupted social, political and economic lifestyle of the people of the region especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The gruesome US drones killed many civilians and destroyed their homes, killed countless children. The United States withdrew forces on 31st August 2021, left Afghanistan in mayhem and disorder. Sadly, The United States froze $9 billion in Afghan foreign reserves held in New York and the World Bank, the IMF and European Union have barred aid for projects in Afghanistan. Without access to these funds, the interim authority in Kabul cannot even handle the import expenses required to bring containers of food from Pakistan and other neighbouring countries. The World Health Organization and the International Federation of the Red Cross said the country’s health system is on the verge of a breakdown and has requested funding to continue for the country health programme.

The United States of America has been playing ruthless games with Muslims: Every individual remembers Abu Ghraib? Why should we remember Abu Ghraib? Abu Ghraib in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay in Cuba has been the nightmares for the inmates. Abu Ghraib was a penitentiary complex, for many years, the former Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein used it to illegally imprison, anguish, maim and assassinate dissidents and political foes. Then the United States practiced it over to do more of the same. The George Bush administration has denied every possible human right violation in these prisons. The so-called democracy has been torturing, maiming detainees ignoring the benign human rights: those who have spent times in these cells, their teeth have been crushed, bones have been pressed and some have been paralyzed, the uncouth US forces indulged in every possible way of torturing innocent human souls. 

Presently, the United States contemporary goal is to resist the massive rise of the economy of China. A new alliance has been forged, aka QUAD- India, Australia, United States and Japan. The sole goal of the alliance is the derailment of the Chinese rise, thereby, a new target for the upcoming cold-war would be the Chinese peninsula. The Biden-Modi meeting in America’s capital have risen many questions: The blue-blooded democratic regime has shaken hand with the downtrodden murderer of the countless Kashmiris as well as other minorities. The world has been watching since American national interest has nothing to do with the poor Kashmiris and remaining impoverished minorities. Ironically, India itself is the principal perpetrator, supporter, financier and abettor of terrorism in the region. 

The 20th summit of SCO in Dushanbe on September 16-17 uncovers a brand new alliance and a new geopolitical game plan has been declared: The sole superpower- United States, has nearly lost its erstwhile honour in the arena of geopolitics. As a matter of fact, Eurasian consolidation is in the process, the world is gradually changing from unipolarity to multi-polarity.

However, with all those developments, the current crisis that the international community should not and must not ignore is the Afghanistan’s humanitarian crisis. The hapless people of Afghanistan are in desperate need of food and shelter. The global community must not ignore the beleaguered people of Afghanistan for the sake of seeking the pleasure of United States. Human interests must triumph over national interests.

About The Author
Sayed Huzaifa Nasir is a graduate of Bahria University, Islamabad. He has a penchant for writing son the contemporary status quo and international geopolitical scenarios. He can be reached on Medium.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the original author and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of Rationale-47.

One thought on “The loopholes in the Western Democracy and The Cost of a New World Order

  1. The so-called minority in Kashmir is the majority and the author forgot to mention the exodus of 50,000 Kashmiri Hindus from the valley due to Pakistan sponsored terrorism in the valley. One sided narrative, of course.


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