Rationale-47 has open invitation policy for all writers to discuss Pakistan’s National Security, Foreign Policy, Economic Development, Politics of South Asia and International Politics. We only publish pieces relevant to the topics mentioned. Book reviews are also welcomed. Contributors are advised to consider following guidelines before submitting content.

  • The piece should be analytical. The length of the analysis at minimum needs to be 700 words and maximum at 2000 words.
  • The piece must not, in any manner, be anti-state. By Anti-State we explicitly mean ‘against the rationale behind the creation of state of Pakistan or challenging Pakistan’s Ideology.’
  • If the piece contains statistics, numbers and figures, they must be factual and not hypothetical.
  • The piece must not include hate speech against any gender, religion or sect, caste and culture.

For Research Papers:

Research Paper must be above 3000 words. It must be submitted in word format and has to be properly referenced using Chicago Style (Preferably 17th Edition) including both footnotes and bibliography. Claims, statistics and figures must be referenced. Papers without abstract will not be entertained. After submission of a paper, we will get back to you after review within 4-5 days and if approved, it will go live within 10 days.