Huzaifa Nasir is a graduate of Brahria University, Islamabad. He is interested in contemporary status quo and international geopolitical scenarios.


This research paper heralds to the arch-rival conflict between Iranians and the Arabs. The author has been striving to confer the benign history of both nations- Iran and the Arab peninsula. The Iranians and the Arabs, both are ancient races and had ruled certain regions in the past. The author has explained that the answer of why Iranians loathe Arabs lies in the historical roots of the two great ethnicities. This Paper would make one cognizant of the Arabian culture, traditions, norms, and customs. It also depicts the pre-Islam history and customs of both ethnicities. In addition, the conflict between them has had spurred the division among Shia and Sunni. It is important to realize, the sectarian split among them that has been sparking unrest among other Muslim nations outside the Middle East.

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