Abubakar Farooqui is the founder of Rationale-47. He is an alumnus of Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. He writes on International Relations and National Security.


Russia made a comeback to global geopolitical chessboard by militarily intervening in the Syrian civil war in 2015. Although, Russia had made an intervention in Ukraine crisis but that was right in the former Soviet space and did not mean Russia would be back in the business as a global player. This paper asks why Russia decided to militarily intervene in the Syrian conflict by digging into Russia’s historical interests in Syria and the contemporary geo-strategic interests. It argues that Russian intervention In Syria, although was an outcome of various factors, but the most important factor was to counter US intervention in Syria that it led in 2014. It also argues that in the event of Assad regime’s collapse that US-led intervention attempted, Russia was about to deal with a cost much greater than the cost it was to bear by militarily intervening in the Syrian conflict.

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